Personal, Family & Estate Protection; Corporate Security Consulting

Black Ice provides professional protection services for corporate clients, and high net worth individuals. This includes:

  • Estate and Family security
  • Special Events
  • Persons and property (with or without threats)
  • High threat travel
  • Security assessment and security needs

Black Ice Security consultants will assess your needs and recommend tailored solutions for all identified security concerns.

Meet Founder Steven Collins


Often a simple approach is best which may include one or more of the following:

  • Discrete or low profile security
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Development of family contingency evacuation plans
  • Development of contingency and continuity of operations plans (COOP)
  • Uniformed officers (armed and unarmed)
  • Executive protection (EP) agents
  • Selected technical security measures
  • Protective intelligence, counterintelligence, business intelligence
  • Investigations and research in support of protection clients
  • Estate and family protection with live on site consultant staff

Some consulting firms will say that they do not provide the solutions, as they do not want to appear to compromise objectivity. We believe that our integrity overrides this concern. If a company cannot be trusted to do both assessment and solution, how can it be trusted to do either?  We provide assessments which may or may not involve a Black Ice solution. We will recommend the best solutions even when it is not Black Ice.