Client Testimonials

“I never thought I would ever need to hire a private security firm, but unfortunately I did.  My daughter was being stalked by a person with whom she had never had contact but nevertheless was making her life intolerable.  I called Black Ice Security and spoke with Steven Collins and he immediately put my mind at ease and helped to formulate a plan of action.  He was extremely professional but also very approachable and helped keep both my daughter and me calm and informed; he was always at our disposal for phone calls, emails and questions.   He met with my daughter at length to ascertain vital information and they set up a plan of action to deal with any hypothetical situations.  With his warm yet commanding demeanor, Steven helped us through a very disconcerting time and gave us the tools to weather the storm.  The work that Black Ice and Steven did to track the stalker down and pinpoint his location was very helpful to us.  During an uncertain and very frightening time, Steven was invaluable in assisting both my daughter and I.  He kept me totally apprised of his costs during his investigation so there were no surprises.  I was very happy with the work Steven Collins and Black Ice Security did for us and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future if anything like this ever happens again.”

– Sue

“I cannot express in words my gratitude and sincere appreciation for Black Ice Security Services as I planned my class reunions event at the Grand Hyatt on January 19th.  Both Officers arrived on time and stayed to the very end.  Thank You to you and Steven for working so quickly to secure the certificate of insurance and for sending over the contract.  Again, a huge Thanks to you and the team.”

– Regards, KR

“I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to you and your staff of experts for service rendered during the time my life was being threatened.  Your professionalism and knowledge in personal protection was exceptional.  I always felt secure with your team.  As you are aware, part of feeling secure is knowing that the people you are dealing with are credible and knowledgeable in the skills needed to provide personal protection in dangerous or threatening situations. I believe that Black Ice Security provided excellent service in every respect.  In addition, your willingness to work with the Fairfax County police and provide expert assistance led to a conviction in the case. I highly recommend Black Ice Security to anyone in need of personal protection, or professional investigative services.”

– T.S

“Thanks. I have received an email from JR and have responded to him in the positive. I did receive a good response from your Black Ice solicitation. I got about 123 responses, of which I put 48 onto my “Qualified Operators” list. I imagine that is a very good “wheat” versus “chaff” ratio. Thanks for your help and, again, you don’t charge enough.”

– Regards, Richard

“Once again, I can’t thank you enough for the assistance you have provided me during this most difficult time of my life. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and caring has helped me get thru this. Your advice and insight has also proved invaluable. You are my Hero! Once this gets wrapped up, I’d also like to talk to you about how I can get into this line of work.”

– S.T.

I just wanted to take this moment to personally thank you for what you do for us all out here in the contracting world. With your input and assistance many of my friends here on the XXXX project at the US Embassy got their work through Black Ice. It’s hard as hell these days as you know being up on the DC area, you are thoroughly familiar with how the economic situation is for regular folks not to mention retirees, veterans recently separated from the military. There are many guys here who recently completed one or two tours in the military and found themselves working and employed through your website and news group. I just wanted to personal thank you for what you do and I wish you continuing success. Often times, retirees and vets are overlooked and brushed aside with just a “thank you for your service” and nothing more than a handshake. We all know that none of us want a handout just a hand up to get back into the swing of things and earn a living like we had for however many years in the uniform. Again, it’s good to know decent Americans are still there giving a hand to a fellow vet.”

– V/r