Black Ice Security Service, Inc (BISS) is a licensed private security and consulting firm in Northern Virginia. Since 1998, we have provided protection and investigation services to private and government clients internationally. We cannot guarantee results, but what we do promise are Honesty, Integrity and Probity.

Honesty: hon·es·ty

: fairness and straightforwardness of conduct
: adherence to the facts

Integrity: in·teg·ri·ty

: firm adherence to a code of especially moral values
: incorruptibility

Probity: pro·bi·ty

noun formal
: the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency.


Within the security industry and more importantly with our clients, the Black Ice Security name is synonymous with Honesty, Integrity and Probity in every task and relationship.

Since 1998, Black Ice has diligently built a reputation on these traits backed with seasoned expertise in protection, investigations and effective solutions for our clients. Selection of our personnel as well as our clients are part of our critical skills, resulting in twenty years of success. Black Ice does not accept all work; our initial engagement will provide an honest assessment, ensure clarity of effort and not waste your time.

There are thousands of security firms to choose from; they all say they are the best, unique or different – typically they are not. What is unique is you, your family, home, business or mission and your security needs. We consider protection an art form that demands a master’s level understanding from the simple to the complex.

You will speak with our Founder Steven Collins, a retired Navy SEAL, businessman and Master Craftsman of your protection needs, he will listen to and assess your needs and personally create a special kind of support for you and your family, or provide specialized support for government clients.