Government & Business Support

Integrity is the cornerstone of our operations and support at Black Ice Security Services, Inc., doing business as Black Ice Consulting. It is reflected in our performance and the trust we build with our clients.

Worldwide Network

Superb Support: We offer specialized training by exceptional individuals. Our network encompasses retired and former personnel from Special Forces, SEALs, and other special operations units, and intelligence organizations including those from selected foreign nations, all of whom receive regular Black Ice communications. These individuals are among the most intelligent and adaptable problem-solvers globally, with significant investments made (individually – multiple millions) into their training and operational experiences by the government. Both commercial and government clients will benefit immensely from the expertise of these highly skilled operators, ensuring a continued return on investment.

Security and Cybersecurity: Our network extends to active and former law enforcement, military, and professional security personnel from a wide range of security and logistics fields worldwide. This group also includes talent in cybersecurity, extending our capabilities in both traditional and digital security realms.

Logistics: Our logistics support includes pilots, ship captains, and other logistics professionals, all receiving timely updates on employment opportunities and information requests.

Posting Job Announcements, Advertising, and Research: We offer corporations the opportunity to post job announcements and other information at reasonable rates, yielding excellent outcomes. Additionally, our extensive global network serves as a powerful tool for information gathering, research, intelligence, and problem-solving. Black Ice’s email groups have for over 20 years been recognized as a highly reputable source for securing employment in the security and logistics sectors, at no cost to job seekers. and as a resource for talent for our clients.

Teaming: Black Ice is ready to leverage its vast network to support teaming partners and clients in expanding their own networks. We invite you to contact us to explore how we can assist in addressing your most challenging or time-sensitive problems.