Government & Business Support

Integrity is our hallmark and watchword and demonstrated by our performance and the trust we develop with our clients.

Worldwide Network

SUPERB SUPPORT: Special training, special people. Black Ice Security Services, Inc. maintains an active network of special operations talent; including active and former Special Forces, SEAL and other service special operations personnel that receive Black Ice email announcements.  In addition, a number of special operations personnel from foreign countries participate in the Black Ice networks.  Whether it is operational support, training or senior consulting expertise, these former operators are some of our world’s most intelligent and versatile problems solvers.  It is not uncommon for these special people (individually) to have had multiple millions of dollars invested in their training and operational experience.  Commercial clients benefit from this, and government clients continue to gain benefit from the initial investment in them.

SECURITY/CYBERSECURITY: A second Black Ice group includes; active and former law enforcement, military, and professional security personnel from across the spectrum of the security, and logistics industries and around the world. Cybersecurity talent is a growing skillset that has been added to both groups.

LOGISTICS: Many logistics personnel including pilots, ship’s captains and others have joined this growing group of professionals. All of these personnel receive timely notices regarding jobs and requests for information that provide opportunities for work. The Black Ice email groups maintain a very high standing and reputation within the security and logistics communities for providing solid opportunities at no cost to the job seeker.

POSTING JOB ANNOUNCEMENTS, ADVERTISING AND RESEARCH: Corporations that wish to post information are charged a fair and reasonable fee for services, and obtain excellent results from these postings. Black Ice also uses this powerful extended world-wide network to reach out for information development and research, intelligence and for problem solving.

TEAMING: Black Ice is prepared to utilize this network to assist its teaming partners and clients in extending their network as well. Contact us today to discuss how Black Ice may assist you in solving those difficult or time critical problems.