Consulting, Training & Teaming

Consulting, Risk and Protection

Our consulting clients present to us a variety of concerns, risks and issues. Black Ice Security is experienced in situation and risk assessment, architecting and executing short and long term solutions.

The Black Ice Security approach is a result of years of experience in security consulting, training and long-term support. We provide the means to address critical and diverse threats with specialized personnel and experience.   As a security service provider or consultant, we become a trusted partner extending our protection and expertise into closely held areas of trust.

For our family and estate protection clients, our support is a very intimate process; many clients have never invited a service provider into their inner circle, or worse, they may have had a bad experience with a poor or untrustworthy provider, or may be currently experiencing this problem.  We can help transition providers when needed, and build the trust needed to feel safe.

For government and corporate clients, support can be disappointing and costly when contractors and partners underperform. We understand, we have seen the damage.

We know the private protection industry and government space; we understand and anticipate client needs for successful outcomes. It is rare when a client finds a provider which meets all their needs, integrity, experience, temperament, style and professionalism. The task is difficult but there is good news: We have had superb success in assessing the needs, tailoring support and selecting the right personnel for long term support.

Our selection process and initial matchmaking is designed to ensure a proper fit and trust level. Our experienced protection agents and risk consultants are quick to adapt and blend in to the rhythm of the client’s lifestyle or estate environment and our government consultants are carefully selected for each position with the client in mind.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is an area of support that our clients request frequently. Identifying and assessing threats for our protection clients is part of our routine support. This capability provides business transaction support, validating backgrounds of new business associates and for vetting potential business partners.

Our research reports are clear, concise, factual and provide analytical expert opinion when appropriate to assist the reader in their decision making.

We provide contingency and continuity planning, and emergency and security plans for corporations and government clients, for executives and high net worth individuals, their families and estates.

Other areas of concern may involve assessments or training for staff in workplace violence or active shooter situations. Black Ice Security can advise and train management and staff to prepare for this type of event.

Black Ice Security is a talented service provider, capable of solving complex problems and instituting long term solutions – contact us to find out how we might help you.